My name is Zachary Dash, the founder of EverKind, and this is my mother.

On my mother’s down time, she would drive around our small town of Montgomery, Texas performing small random acts of kindness for complete strangers. On some days she would leave a bag of popcorn at the Red Box for the next person to enjoy. The next day, she would pay for the family’s groceries behind her in line.

While my mother has always preferred to stay anonymous, she still wondered the true impact of her kindness on the world and the direct lives it impacts. So many amazing stories go unreported each day. We started to brainstorm how awesome it would be if there was a center for positive and uplifting stories to be shared. In a time with such negativity on social media, we wanted to make a shift in the status quo. We wanted to create a positive platform for positive people. We wanted to create a culture of kindness of putting others first. We wanted to create the website to spread serendipity to others. We want to change the world, and both believe the key is kindness. This was the first idea of EverKind and what it has become today.

Today, EverKind is a growing community of individuals inspired to connect the world through random acts of kindness. We believe the key to changing the world and impacting lives can be done in three simple steps.

1) illuminate love

verb | il·lu·mi·nate | \i-ˈlü-mə-nət\

to enlighten spiritually or intellectually, to supply or brighten with light

2) inspire others

verb | in·spire | \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\

to instill in someone the motivation, enthusiasm, and courage to do better things; to achieve more

3) ignite change

verb | ig·nite | \ig-ˈnīt\

to awaken with passion or desire; to make something catch on

Every act of kindness, no matter the size, creates an everlasting ripple effect with on logical end.