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    Our history
    Dalian Crest Electronic Co., Ltd. was started in 2006 with main specializations in the processing of mechanical parts, metal plate, press moulds,plastic moulds,equipment assembly,custom-made automatic equipment,box opening machine,harness,EMS.Started with trading then from 2017 we established our own factory to make our price more competitive and better meet the demand of costomer’s delivery period.
    Our factory
    Dalian Crest Electronic Co.,ltd is located in the beautiful beach city Dalian,which is also the most important industrial Base in the north of China. Due to our strong focus on quality, we have established long term business partnership with large enterprises such as YKK,Honda,Mitubishi Heavy Industries,Mitubishi forklift and Iris ohyama.
    Our product
    1.custom made precision mechanical parts
    2. metal plate moulds,plastic moulds, assembly
    5.custom-made automatic equipment opening machine
    Our Application
    Our mechanical parts are widely used in the following industry
    —automatic production line
    —medical instruments
    Our Certificate
    Our equipment
    machining centerTaiwan YiquanL800800*510*610mm± 0.010 mm1
    machining centerShanghai liaoyueEST-V11601100*600*600± 0.01 mm1
    automatic surface grinderChongqing puchuangPGS-4080AH800*400*680± 0.01 mm1
    surface grinderTaiwan JiandeQB/2800*500*400mm± 0.010 mm3
    milling machineTaiwan Kuaijie4H600*300*200mm± 0.050 mm1
    milling machineTaiwan YongyucangKGS-618M460*155*405± 0.001 mm3
    high speed wire cut machineGaocheng55450*550± 0.03 mm1
    medium speed wire cut machineBaoshige CNCUY-40ZX670*460*300± 0.02 mm3
    latheShenyang Jichuang61400-400diam(mm)± 0.010 mm1
    Test instrument
    projectorGuangdong WanhaoCPJ-3020A200*100*100
    tool microscopemitutoyoQM-Data200300*170*220(mm)±(2.2+0.02L)μm1
    electron microscopemitutoyoXTL-165-LB200*300*18
    three-dimensionalmitutoyoCRYSTA- PLUS M443400*400*300mm±(3.0+1.0L/1000)μm1
    hardness testerShenyang Huayin150AHRC20-70±1°1
    metal component analyzerNitonXLT898
    from Ti to Bi,23 kinds of standard alloy1
    laser marking machine
    vacuum packaging machie
    vacuum packing machine
    1Customized Automatic Sheet Metal Bending Machine