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    Product features:
    1, Strong cutting force: the particle surface has a large number of sharp cutting edges, cutting force can reach 2-4 times of single crystal diamond powder;
    2, High precision of polishing: the surface cutting edge of single crystal diamond micron powder particles is large and hard, and it is easy to produce deep scratch. The surface of cutting edge of this polycrystalline-like diamond micron powder particles is small, the hardness is low, and the Ra value of the surface of the workpiece is significantly reduced after polishing.
    3, The holding power is strong: the surface of the particles is rough and the bonding agent is more firm, which can significantly improve the holding capacity of the abrasive in various diamond tools and improve the service life.
    Application :
    The precision grinding and polishing of SiC, Al2O3 and other chips;
    Lapping and polishing of ceramic materials;
    Precision grinding and polishing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials.Reformed Diamond suppliers