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    Product Description
    Design Smooth TopHeight 8 Inch/20 cmFirmness Medium
    Size Twin,Twin XL,Full/Double,Queen,King,Cal king,Customized
    Quilting Layer Knitted Jacquard Fabric
    Natural Latex
    Upholstery Layer Memory Foam
    Gel Latex
    Support Layer 3-Zone Spring
    Insulation PK Felt + Non-Woven Fabric
    Bottom layer Non-Slip Fabric
    The Stucture Can be Customized
    Knitted Jacquard Fabric+Natural Latex +Memory Foam+Gel Latex+3-Zone Spring+PK Felt+Non-Woven Fabric+Non-Slip Fabric
    1.Knitted Jacquard Fabric
    The fabric has fine patterns, and the appearance of close and meticulous´╝î three-dimensional sense of strong.
    2.Natural Latex
    Latex is a breathable and elastic material that helps reduce heat buildup. With high elasticity and good supporting force, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep.
    3.Memory Foam
    It can support each part of body evenly and independently, also adapt and response slowly to body weight and temperature, providing full support, comfortable pressure relief to keep the spine upright.
    4.Gel Latex
    Gel particles infused can well take away the heat accumulated in the body during sleep,keep the body surface temperature in a cool state. Its soft texture relieves body pressure and greatly improves sleep quality.
    5.Zone Spring
    It can fully fit human body,providing different degree of hard and soft support, giving effective rebound according to the movement in sleep, and to ensure healthy spine stretch.Latex Memory Foam Spring Mattress