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    Frame Material: Plastic
    Plastic Type: PVC
    Application: Residential, Backyard, Garden
    Color: White, Tan
    UV: UV Proof
    Lead: Lead-Free
    Packaging: Poly Bag, woven Bag, Carton Box, wooden Pallet are available.
    Delivery Time: 7 Days after receiving the full payment.
    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) fencing has been improved significantly over the recent years. The original plastic materials were prone to cracking due to prolonged ultraviolet exposure. Now, the use of titanium dioxide additives during the manufacturing process have considerably increased the impact and UV resistance, resulting in an extremely durable material that won’t become brittle or easily cracked by the sun’s damaging UV light. All of our polyvinyl fencing products are built using 100% virgin PVC and the highest amounts of titanium dioxide that virtually guarantees a lifetime of worry free maintenance and beauty for you to enjoy.

    A Good Investment
    Pure vinyl is an environmentally friendly option, and the material is so strong and durable that it will last for years and years to come. Ensuring your new enclosure will remain in great shape for a very long time.
    1, What is Virgin Vinyl?
    ★This is the term used for vinyl products that do not contain recycled products. Recycled products that may be imported into an extrusion plant many contain impurities or lower grade vinyl which can seriously affect the finished products resilience, impact resistance and UV inhibition.
    We use only PVC/Vinyl products extrude with virgin ingredients.
    2, What is the main advantage of choosing PVC/Vinyl?
    ★ Vinyl/PVC is warranted for life and does not require any paints, stains, maintenance or replacement.
    3, Is PVC/Vinyl really strong enough for winter climates?
    ★One of the most important ingredients in our PVC/Vinyl is the “Impact Modifiers” which make it as strong as standard wood.

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