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    Pure HDPE Plastic Pallet

    The superiority of the pure HDPE plastic pallet:
    The process of making plastic pallets includes blow molding and injection molding, each of which has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. However, in most of the application scenarios, blowing plastic pallets are more durable and reliable.

    Product advantage description of the pure HDPE plastic pallet:
    1. Unique manufacturing process
    The plastic pallet has a unique manufacturing process, and it is a double – sided thermoforming tray. As a result, theseplastic hollow pallet are widely used in industrial fields, especially in very cold environments.

    2. High load capacity
    This is another basic feature of the blow molding process. These plastic pallets are designed for carrying large quantities of goods. The static load may vary between 4 and 6 tonnes, with a dynamic load range from 2 to 3 tonnes. Of course, the capacity of these loads depends on the ability to control the thickness of the blow molding plastic pallet during the manufacturing process.

    3、Strong impact resistance
    When loading and unloading the goods, the impact will lead to the wear of the pallet, especially in the low temperature environment, the damage will be greater. However, the pure HDPE plastic pallet is still able to maintain its structural integrity and high strength because of its special technology. The impact strength of the blow molding pallet is almost two times that of the injection pallet.

    4.Longer service life
    Since it is made of high quality HDPE materials, the service life of these pure HDPE plastic pallets is more than 5 years longer than that of ordinary pallets. Of course, the actual situation depends on your industry.
    On the use of blow molding tray forklift some safety operation specification:
    1.Drivers who have been trained and held driving licenses can drive. Driving a forklift on a highway requires at least a B driver’s license. To operate a forklift in a workspace, a driver’s license must be issued by the employer in writing. Drivers do not drive after the effect of drugs and alcohol, which is the basic safety rule. In addition, the license of no supplier or manufacturer shall not be modified without authorization.
    2.Check the control and alarm devices before driving. If they are found to be damaged or defective, they should be operated after repair.
    3.When handling, it should not exceed the specified value. The fork must be inserted into the bottom of the cargo. The length of the blow tray at least 2/3 is not allowed to run with a single fork.
    4.The center of gravity that is placed on the tray of blow molding cannot be too high and must be stacked orderly in order to prevent collapse.
    5.When driving on ramp, we should drive carefully. When driving on a ramp greater than 1/10, the uphill should go forward. The downhill should be back up. Avoid steering on the up or down slope. When the forklift is running, do not load and unload.
    Omni-directional display of pure HDPE plastic pallet:Double Sided Plastic Pallets price