Start a Kindness Campaign

1) perform an act of kindness

There are countless random acts of kindness to choose from. To help get an idea of what you can do, checkout the acts of kindness our community are doing in the stories page.

2) leave your card behind

Each EverKind Card comes with a unique code and website link on the back. Next time you perform an act of kindness, leave one of theses card behind and discover the impact you make on the world.

3) discover the impact

When the person receives your card, they will be able to go to enter your code and find your page to share the story! You will see the endless amounts of lives you have impacted and the stories of each =)

EverKind // Cards


  1. Choose a Color: Make the color of your cards any color you want. We prefer the primary colors of blue, yellow, and red, but you can get creative
  2. Name Your Card: This will also be the name of your everkind webpage where all your kindness will be documented. See an example page at
  3. Add a Message: Think of a custom message you want on your cards! You can view some of the most popular EverKind quotes we have at
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Ready to start your own stream of kindness? Customize your card and discover the impact you can make on the world! Each EverKind Card comes with a unique code on the back that will allow you to discover the impact your positive actions make on the world. Next time you perform an act of kindness, leave one of these cards behind. That person will be able to enter your code, and share their story with the EverKind Community. This purchase comes with 25 cards. 100% of proceeds go directly into the EverKind Foundation to help us continue spreading random acts of kindness all around the world!

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Choose a Color

Blue, Red, Yellow


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